Frequently Asked Questions By Employers 

Welcome to our website! You are at the right place, where you will meet college students, university students and graduates looking for internships, part-time and fresh graduate jobs.

We are excited to help you find great interns! Here are a few common questions that employers ask us!

If your question is not answered below, please reach out to us Here anytime!.Our numbers are +256777001223. We are located in Bweyogerere town, off Namugongo Rd, opposite Autozone Car Park

Is posting Internships Free?

Yes, posting internships is free of charge. You can post as much as you want.  You decide whether to recieve applications directly to your email address, or manage them on this website.


How can I post internship positions?

First and foremost, you have to create an Employer Account by registering as a Job Lister Register Here . Creating your account is free of charge.

After registering; you have to add your Company details Here . Make sure you upload your company logo. Kindly make sure that your “Company Bio” or “Overview” is reasonably brief.

You can then go ahead and post your internship Here .  When inserting your internship posting information, kindly be as specific as possible. If you are having any challenges, contact us.

What happens after I post positions? 

Applicants can apply to your position using their account profiles.

You can then be able to manage applications within the platform. Shortlisted applicants will get automatic email notification when their application status changes from Waiting to Approved, or Rejected.


How will I receive resume contacts?

Please go ahead and send us the list of profile names of your selected applicants/resumes, by email.

We will then send them to you right away by email.

What should my internship posting include? 

You should provide clear and detailed information about your internship opportunity.

Detailed Internship descriptions, responsibilities and qualifications help students and job seekers fully understand what the role entails.

This helps them in decision making while making their applications.

Your “company bio” will automatically be added once you have selected your company while posting internship.

Please indicate the likely starting month in the job details, to guide applicants, especially continuing students.

When will I start getting applicants? 

You could start getting applicants within 24 hours of posting your opportunity.

We will share the internship opportunity on social media platforms. After two weeks of posting, our team will check your account to see how it’s going.

At that point, if your listing needs more candidates, we’ll do extra social media promotion and work with you to find more applicants.

Do you interview applicants? 

For an extra charge, we can interview applicants for you. Please contact us for more details.

How many rounds of interviews do you recommend? 

We recommend employers conduct at least two rounds of interviews. This helps filter out candidates who aren’t interested and makes the students take the process more seriously.

When do the interns start? 

You decide. They can start as soon as they are hired. Please indicate the likely starting month in the job details, to guide applicants, especially continuing students.

Do I need to pay my interns? 

Internships can be paid, unpaid, or provide a stipend for transport and/or lunch. The payment status needs to be specified on your job posting.


Frequently Asked Questions By Interns 

Welcome, welcome, welcome! We are so happy to have you on our website. We are excited to help connect you with a potential internship! Here are some frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not answered here, please reach out to us directly via email or Call +256777001223 anytime from 8:00AM to 6:00PM between Mondays to Fridays.

How do I create my profile?

To create your account profile, you have to first Register  as a Job Seeker using your valid email address and telephone number. After registering, you can then complete your profile by clicking on CREATE CV . You will be able to create your profile by simply filling spaces. It is free to create your account.

Do I need to upload a cover letter and resume? 

No. On Ternparte, your CV is your profile.

We strongly recommend and require that you creatively and comprehensively complete your profile.

If you have any previous work, volunteer or internship experience, add it under Work Experience.

Every detail matters. If you have web links to any projects or research work you did in the past, add it under URL.

Upload your photo and please do not construct sentences when listing your skills.

How long until I hear back from an employer? 

Employers have their own unique recruiting process and timelines.

We recommend that students apply for 5-10 suitable internships on the website.

If it’s been two weeks after deadline and you haven’t heard back from anyone, you might consider applying for more opportunities.

What happens when I apply to a position? 

When you apply to a position successfully, the employer gets it and decides to accept or reject.

Before the employer does short listing you will see a Waiting status on your application.

When the employer accepts you for an interview you will get an email notification and the status of the application will change to Approved.

If you are not shortlisted for interview, your application status changes to Rejected.

How will I know when new internships are posted? 

Please check our website as frequently as possible. We also recommend that you follow and like us on Twitter and Facebook to learn about new opportunities.

Can I follow up with employers directly?

You can not follow up with the employers directly.

However, you can email or WhatsApp us after the deadline for the internship you applied for, and we will be happy to give you any updates.

Why is my profile public?

Only your basic information is public, for visibility purposes. We keep your contact information confidential.

It is also optional for you to indicate your current or previous salary in the work experience section.

It is competitive out there, so you would rather focus on creating a complete and awesome profile that will win you an interview invite, than worrying about who sees it.

Employers are the ones who view and pay attention to your profile. However, we will soon put it out of public view.