Company Profile


Established in 2011 GBE is a locally anchored social enterprise that specialises in energy efficiency at the bottom of the pyramid. From this position GBE was early to recognise the opportunity to become a leader in the promotion of green energy in East Africa.

About Green Bio Energy

GBE designs, produces and distributes innovative energy solutions to fight poverty, deforestation and climate change. All products are developed under GBE directive and supervision and are manufactured by different non-for-profit organizations following specific criteria and standards of quality. Among those products and services we can find Briketi EcoStoves (solution for charcoal, firewood, institutional ones), carbonized briquettes and non-carbonized briquettes, briquetting machinery, and services related to energy, Briketi Non-Carbonized Briquettes are currently under development. They will be an ideal alternative to fire wood.


a locally anchored social enterprise that specialises in designs, producing and distributing innovative energy solutions.
  • Briketi ecostoves
  • carbonized briquettes
  • non- carbonised briquettes
  • briquetting machinery and services